Asked Questions

Answers to some questions asked by clients

1Do you publish my app?
Yes, we publish all apps on our own android and developer accounts. However we can help set up your own branded developer accounts at an extra cost.
2I don't see the features i want?
We try our best to list all features, however in some cases clients require custom once off built solutions, in which we quoted as per app requirements. Alternatively all current features are suffice to build any standard industry app.
3Is it a contract or pay as you go?
We do not offer contracts, it is simply a once off setup cost and then a monthly hosting fee which covers minor updates and major app store update requirement with the option to stop at any time should you no longer need the app.
4Why a setup cost & monthly fee?
We aim to provide a low cost app solutions for any industry, however these are technical developments still at the end of the day. So, instead of a high setup cost we break it down over a monthly hosting cost which also provides ability to give cost effective support.
5What happens when i cancel my monthly hosting?
You still get a copy of the source code and we leave the app published for the entire year. however should the apple app store or google play require any updates to keep the app live, our technical team won't assist here.
6What are the cost for my own branded developer accounts?
Please note the amounts may change, however Google Play is roughly $25 per year and Apple is $99 per year. You can set these up yourself and provide us for the details to make publications on your behalf. There is an extra fee should we have to setup this for you.
7What does cross platform mean?
Cross platform just means our apps are built with native rest web api features, so the same visual content is experienced similar on both android and apple devices due to being a hybrid web app.
8How long does it take
We currently have a 2 week turn around time to create a mock up app for beta testing. However this could be faster depending on how many features, visual content and design is being provided by client.